Previously, on D&D...

Where death is thankfully cheap.

We have been commissioned as a party to deliver three cartfulls of goods, on behalf of “Bay” (a “free spirit” of sorts, who makes money on the side by stage performing, and who is lax with his sexual preferences). We learned that his wife is a badass, and one of the 12 leaders of Vocke Din Flauch, as we witnessed her sign a protection-for-slavery deal with the local giants.

While on the road, we slew two constructs belonging to a halfling (Isaac’s character scared him off, leaving the constructs behind), picked off some spell-casting Kobolds, ran from a Nightwalker, and avoided an overpowering encounter of a band of elven nobles.
However, our merry adventure was not to last, as we ended up facing a three-armed ogre, who killed both McKenzie and Sara. Thankfully, our DM showed mercy and allowed them to stay in the game as characters who just need to be resurrected.
We now await our next session, and encounter; and pray to our respective gods that we are up to the task.



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